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Plumber 3
Plumber 3
Plumber 3
Plumber 3
Plumber 3

Review Plumber 3

Brandon Girod
Over 300 levels, difficulty feels just right, lots of tools at your disposal
Graphics are a little dated, music is uninspiring
Have you ever dreamed about becoming a plumber? Probably not, unless you’re Mario. Plumber 3 for Android is the brand new game from App Holdings and it’s bigger than ever with over 300 levels to sink your teeth into, though not much has changed with core premise of the game, which fans will either like or not.
This is my first foray into the game’s series, so my opinion about some of the above design decisions will be a bit fresh compared to others who may have been twisting and turning pipes for much longer than me. The premise of the game is to manage your resources and build a pipeline from start to end within the a set budget in order to earn more stars for each level.
Fortunately, you won’t have to start building your pipeline from scratch, though. Every level starts with an already “complete” pipeline but some of the pipes are facing the wrong way and are causing leaks. It’s your job to set these pipes up in the right direction so that the oil can flow freely and without leaks. You’ll have a number of tools to help you out, such as a pickaxe that lowers the cost of moving pipes and blueprints that will tell you how the pipe is supposed to be laid.
I actually had a blast with Plumber 3. It’s a great puzzle game that requires you to put some forethought into what’s going on but never felt too chaotic or stressful.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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