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Returner 77
Returner 77
Returner 77
Returner 77
Returner 77
Returner 77

Review Returner 77

Brandon Girod
Beautifully rendered graphics, intriguing story
No ads, no in-game purchases
It feels pretty rare for a brand new game developer studio to come out of the gate swinging, but that’s exactly what Fantastic, yes did with its first game, Returner 77 for Android. It’s a game that definitely reminds me of a gorgeous walking simulator, something akin to Gone Home, but it’s more puzzle game than anything else.
In Returner 77, you play as one of Earth’s last surviving members of the human race after an alien force invaded and all but wiped out human life. Your job is to rebuild as you finally wake up from cryosleep. This is a game that almost puts its visuals above everything else, except for the fact that it has some great puzzles to go along with it.
Most of the game’s puzzles involve solving patterns or mazes. Think something more along the lines of The Witness. You’ll need to understand the game’s patterns to progress. The game’s puzzle logic is more trial and error based than anything else. Unlock of point and click adventure games, that makes you use logic-based thinking, here you can simply try everything until something eventually works.
This leads me to one silly fault Returner 77 has: the context behind why you’re solving puzzles is a bit weird. Right off the bat, you’ll be forced to solve a puzzle in order to move a platform close to you so you can progress. That said, the puzzles are interesting and fun to solve, and getting to the bottom of the game’s story is what will drive you to continue playing through the game and possibly rebuilding Earth.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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