Sheep Up!
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Sheep Up!
Sheep Up!
Sheep Up!
Sheep Up!
Sheep Up!
Sheep Up!
Sheep Up!
Sheep Up!
Sheep Up!
Sheep Up!

Review Sheep Up!

Sergei Petrov
Sheep Up! - Interesting adventures little toy lamb in a large cardboard boxes for Android world. The game is replete with a variety of puzzles, bonuses, super powers, and so on.


Everything is learned here is intuitive and clear without any special instructions. Lamb automatically jumps, and your problem - just manage it jumps, pointing in the right direction, avoiding the holes in the boxes, coin collecting, destroying enemies and using a super bonus. As with many new games in this game there is always tempting and exciting roulette. Here you can drop super power, coins, extra time on the level and so on.
At the first level, before you put several objectives: to complete a level, do it in less than 50 seconds and use an umbrella to help collect coins and avoid falling into the abyss. At different levels of additional jobs will vary. For example, on one level, just do not need to die, on the other - to use all the bonuses, the third - to destroy the enemy by jumping on his eyes, and the fourth - proprygat the combination of the music, to get the key from the exit to the next round.

Features Sheep Up! For Android:

  • An original and addictive gameplay;
  • Two types of control on the choice of using the accelerometer or touch;
  • Excellent 3D graphics;
  • More than 100 beautiful and exciting levels;
  • Incredible bonuses and super abilities;
  • Funny and unexpected costumes for your sheep;
  • Localization into 8 languages.
Among the shortcomings would like to mention extremely greedy system of in-game purchases. All varieties of super powers, as well as costumes and extra lives are bought for coins in the store. Immediately after passing the very first level, you will persuade to buy coins to buy new life and the rest of the chips. Of course, any upgrades to purchase is not necessary. But the opportunity to continue with the level of the place where a mistake, but do not start again - really tempting offer.


Sheep Up! - Absolutely not boring, and teeming with all sorts of different bonuses and chips at each new level puzzle game about brave toy lamb caught in a trap in the boxes for Android. Purely in terms of convenience, we recommend to use the accelerometer - with it the levels are obviously easier. The free version is only one story, and the rest require unlocking through a coin. Watch out! A seemingly simple game can captivate and tighten in earnest!

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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