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Giga Run
Giga Run
Giga Run
Giga Run
Giga Run
Giga Run
Giga Run

Review Giga Run

Sergei Petrov
Giga Run - is a fun and very challenging game in the genre of "Runner" to Android. Our challenge will be to get away from a pack of wolves, but on the way we will have to wait for hazardous obstacles that need to jump over or slide under them.
We could not quite get past and do not pay attention to the game if I did not know two facts. First of all, the whole game is divided into several levels (consistent, no random generation), and, secondly, it is completely free, with no in-game purchases and with a minimum of advertising.


Game control is accomplished by two gestures: up to jump and down to slide. Immediately it should be said that the management is not the most responsive, is not always clear exactly when to press the jump or glide.
The main difficulty in the game is in the traps, which are securely hidden and merge with the overall décor level. The danger may be a small fire, protruding horn, a tree trunk, and more. Until you get used to the obstacles and finish the first level from 5-10 attempts at the next level, you will have to wait for new challenges and completely new scenery, so I have to learn all over again.
Any crash is punishable immediate fall in the river. The only way to survive a collision with an obstacle - is to pick up a special talisman, which at the time will make you invulnerable.
At each level will be scattered gold coins to be collected in order to obtain the maximum amount of stars. Collect all the coins is extremely difficult, but it is doable if you try.

Features Giga Run for Android:

  • Fun and colorful HD-graphics;
  • Several unique missions;
  • Simple operation;
  • High levels of complexity;
  • Scores.
The disadvantages include the game is not the most responsive handling and a very high complexity of the game. To be honest, we managed to get through the first level with only 10 attempts, and this is when the rich experience playing Temple Run 2 and other games of this genre. We can say that the game challenges you and keeps it to, and not a cool 3D-graphics and other bonuses modern games.
Summary. Giga Run - a dynamic game for Android, made in the genre of "Runner", but with full consecutive missions. The game is designed, primarily, for hardcore players. So do not be surprised if you are unable to complete a level the first time.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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