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Review ▲ SHAPES

Brandon Girod
Great, minimal design, touch responsive is fantastic, simple ui
Doesn't break any new ground
Shapes… who doesn’t enjoy playing with shapes? We’ve been playing with shapes since we were infants, after all. Shapes for Android is a puzzle game that has you creating shapes, but you’re not fitting small squares and circles into larger squares and circles. Instead, you’re creating odd shapes to create what are essentially odd patterns and designs.
Truthfully, there is nothing really unique about this game. In fact, the second I began playing, I had to double check to makes sure I hadn’t written the review before. It follows other shape-building puzzles games so closely that that could easily be confused - even more so than the droves of match-three games.
In this one, like the others before it, you’ll have random pieces of a larger shape that are randomly rotated. You need to visualize the full shape and twist and turn the smaller pieces until they create the correct shapes. Easier said than done in many cases. There are tons of different levels throughout the game, but while shapes become more complex, nothing ever really changes within the game itself. There is nothing to unlock and nothing more to do.
Overall, Shapes is kind of a skippable game. It’s not breaking any new ground. In fact, it’s so similar to other games that have come before it that it’s truly difficult to really tell it apart from them. However, if you’ve never played a shape-building game like this, this one does everything right and is more than worthy of your time in that regard.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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