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Drift It!
Drift It!
Drift It!
Drift It!
Drift It!
Drift It!
Drift It!
Drift It!
Drift It!

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Brandon Girod
Steady stream of unlocks, simply controls, good aesthetic
Insane amount of ads, inconsistent timing for some of the drift patterns
One-button arcade games are definitely dominating the Android gaming platform, and I’m still unsure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. On one had, there never seems to be a shortage of new games to play. On the other, you’ll get constant clones of the same games. Drift It for Android is a game that feels pretty unique in concept and happens to be pretty fun to play. At least until you get your first video ad.
This is a game that relies on simple gameplay to get you hooked and constantly feeds you new unlocks to keep you invested. In the game, a car will automatically drive on the road. As the player, you need to tap and hold the screen in highlight sections of the road to make your car drift for as long as the section persists. If you’re too early or late, you lose and you have to start all over again. It sounds easy but it’s anything but.
What ultimately ruins the game are the ads. There is a massive amount of 30-second video ads that the game constantly shovels into your face every three or so games. And when games come and go as fast as they do in this game, you end up watching a long ad every few minutes. It ended up being faster for me to just immediately exit the app and restart it rather than sit through another ad.
In the end, Drift It is a good game that is ruined by poor monetization efforts. For all the things the game gets right, it’s just downright frustrating to have to watch an ad every few seconds.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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