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2048 Bricks
2048 Bricks
2048 Bricks
2048 Bricks
2048 Bricks
2048 Bricks
2048 Bricks
2048 Bricks
2048 Bricks
2048 Bricks

Review 2048 Bricks

Brandon Girod
Minimalist design, addictive gameplay
Ads play as soon as you open the game, in-game currency earnings wildly unbalanced
I’m not often left conflicted about how I feel when it comes to a game. However, there are times it happens. In 2048 Bricks for Android, I’m torn between enjoying the game for what it is, but loathing some of the developers’ frequently used tactics that try to get the user to pay the game a dollar or look at an ad every time you turn around.
Developer antic aside, this is a really fun game. Imagine playing Tetris and 2048 at the same time. Not familiar with 2048? It’s a game where you place numbers in a way so they stack into each other, creating bigger and bigger numbers over time at the cost of the valuable real estate. Once a grid is full, it’s game over. There’s no real “winning” in this game. Instead, the idea is to simply get as high a score as possible.
Unlike the original 2048, this game doesn’t really give you a second to think. You need to come up with a gameplay before you jump in and then strictly adhere to it as you play through the game since the blocks make their way down the screen on their own. What I dislike about the game are the full-screen ads you see as soon as you launch the game, and the fact that earning in-game currency is painfully slow.
If I forget that Ketchapp is the developer of 2048 Bricks and do my best to ignore the plethora of ads, I can actually have a relatively good time with the game. When you’re in the heat of the moment, everything is mostly unobtrusive, and gameplay is fun enough to pull you away from all the negative aspects of the game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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