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Righteous Kill
Righteous Kill
Righteous Kill
Righteous Kill
Righteous Kill
Righteous Kill

Review Righteous Kill

Sergei Petrov
Righteous Kill - detective quest with multiple locations and mini brainteasers for Android from the well-known and loved our development studio G5 Entertainment. Let's find out by reading the review, this brand holds a studio, producing one by one, more and more new games in different genres.
So, you charge to start your first detective to find clues that could lead to the main suspect, Terii Collins. Therefore, selecting any point on the map, you begin looking for those items that appear on your page. It goes without saying that finding the keys will take you to that evidence in a murder case.


Nothing special or new in this gameplay you will not find. All are also looking for items that are nearing the picture and explore the area, hit them while on the cursor. And if we can not manage yourself, use the help in the form of ultraviolet light flashlight, which will highlight the required items for you.
If you start as many impatient detective is the case, click on the items without discrimination and on luck, then you intelligently warn that you are doing too many mistakes, and should try to be careful.
In the section with the evidence you will need to verify the accuracy of the evidence found by finding fingerprints. So, click on the piece of evidence, causes a special dust and wait until there are fingerprints Terry Collins. But be careful and frugal - dust for prints developer is limited.

Righteous Kill Features for Android:

  • Detective story with an emphasis on the search for clues and evidence in a criminal case;
  • 71 location to find items;
  • The ability to share achievements with friends on Facebook;
  • 15 mini games on a detective theme;
  • 15 animated and dynamic levels;
  • 30 items to the location.
Unfortunately, in this game, well, a lot of glitches, ranging from images are seized and ending repetition of the same phrase. Download the episodes are time consuming and tiring, even despite the fact that the developers have tried to make it as original fires a bullet straight at the screen.
In addition, we note a very feeble elaborate graphics and pretty meager imagination on the plot, scenes and objects themselves. Of course, in his favorite genre of all expect, above all, a beautiful picture and a fascinating story. Therefore, in this case, if you are not an ardent fan of the genre and omnivorous, it is impossible not to regret the money spent on the game.
Summary. Righteous Kill - Quest quite weak with poor graphics component to a detective theme for android. Through the game simply boring due to the lack of bright images, or any originality in the locations. Along with unlocking for three dollars you get all the locations, levels and mini-games, but after a free trial once again advised to think about the advisability of purchase.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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