Extreme Racing Adventure
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Extreme Racing Adventure
Extreme Racing Adventure
Extreme Racing Adventure
Extreme Racing Adventure
Extreme Racing Adventure
Extreme Racing Adventure
Extreme Racing Adventure
Extreme Racing Adventure
Extreme Racing Adventure

Review Extreme Racing Adventure

Brandon Girod
Responsive controls, unlocks come at a good pace
Generic art, repetitive gameplay
Your next racing game has arrived. Or at least that’s what Minimo wants you to think. Extreme Racing Adventure for Android is Minimo’s newest game and the follow up to Mini Racing Adventures. Whereas the mini racing game was targeted more towards children, the developers promise this one will be more geared towards the adult crowd - that’s in difficulty, not necessarily theme.
So at its heart, this is a game that combines the longest drag race of your life with elements of Trials. If you’re unfamiliar with Tribes, it’s the motorcycle game that has you balance a dirt bike across crazy obstacles in each level. In this game, you have two buttons: one that accelerates and rotates your vehicle backwards, and one that brakes and rotates the vehicle forward.
You earn money as you play through the game, collecting it through both air time and coins that you pick up while you play. These coins will be used for both upgrading your vehicle and unlocking new levels. I actually found the currency balance to be pretty good as I never felt like anything was too far out of grasp. It always felt like I was working towards something obtainable and each upgrade felt significant.
My biggest problem with Extreme Racing Adventure is that it doesn’t really have much of an identity of its own. Levels are well designed and the controls are responsive, but I’ve definitely played plenty of racing games just like this before, and if you asked me about this game in a month, I’d probably not be able to remember what you’re talking about.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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