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Drag & Dodge
Drag & Dodge
Drag & Dodge
Drag & Dodge
Drag & Dodge
Drag & Dodge
Drag & Dodge
Drag & Dodge
Drag & Dodge

Review Drag & Dodge

Brandon Girod
Amazing sound design, great overall aesthetic, responsive controls
Intrusive permissions, extremely repetitive gameplay, no unlocks, controls get in the way of gameplay
Mobile games can be straight addictive. I’m sure there isn’t one person reading this who hasn’t accidentally sunk hours into a game unknowingly. That’s what Drag & Dodge for Android hopes to accomplish. It wants to drag you in with it high-intensity gameplay that is pretty much infinitely replayable so you’ll spend both time and money with the game. But is it worth it?
This is one of those games where you’ll pretty much experience everything the game has to offer nearly right off the bat, but if you want to really master the game, you’ll need to learn the subtle ins and outs in order to truly succeed. The idea, as the name implies, is that you’ll control an object that needs to dodge enemies, and you’ll do that by dragging it around.
As you might expect, dragging an item around a screen while also trying to keep track of fast moving objects is incredibly hard and the game’s biggest fault. It’s tough keeping track of what’s going on when your hand and finger obscures a large part of the screen, and it often leads to many unfair and frustrating deaths.
While you play the game, you’ll notice that enemies come in different varieties. Sometimes they will spawn into two or more objects you’ll have to avoid. Other times, you’ll be faced with one that shoots projectiles or grows larger. It adds some good variety to the otherwise repetitive gameplay.
One area Drag & Dodge drops the ball is unlocks I got a present that I was able to unwrap but nothing came out. I’m actually still not sure what exactly it was that I got because the game’s aesthetic changes on its own. Overall, it’s a fun game while the novelty is there but it quickly wears off.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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