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Match 22: Path To Perfection

Match 22: Path To PerfectionMatch 22: Path To PerfectionMatch 22: Path To PerfectionMatch 22: Path To PerfectionMatch 22: Path To PerfectionMatch 22: Path To PerfectionMatch 22: Path To Perfection


Brandon Girod
Posted: Brandon GirodTested 31 Jan 2018 on HTC One M8

Can you make the perfect path?
Muted color palate makes for a great aesthetic, simple controls, difficult puzzle
Puzzles can fill overwhelming early on

It’s pretty typical that matching games include numbers, at least in most Android puzzle app games. Match 22: Path to Perfection for Android puts this expectation to rest by having you match colors instead. Now that may sound easier at the surface level, This game is anything but simple. In fact, once you really start going, it can be pretty overwhelming just to start.
Take a quick look at the name of this game because it’s a pretty accurate description of what it wants you to do. The game consists of huge grids of circles that have four quadrants. Each of the quadrants corresponds with a color, though you’ll sometimes have multiple quadrants that are the same color. The goal is to rotate each of these circles so that the ones that line up with each other have matching colors.
This is pretty easy in the beginning stages when you only have a handful of circles to worry about, but the game quickly builds on top of that so that you’re trying to rotate dozens of circles. At that point, keeping tracking of every move can become so painstaking that it can actually be anxiety inducing. Does that mean it’s not fun? Well, that depends on what type of game you enjoy.
I found Match 22: Path to Perfection to be a really fun and engaging game. I’m not a fan of games that require me to think too hard, however, so while it’s probably not a game for me, it has a really strong foundation that will appeal to players that really enjoy deliberating every move for minutes.
Final ratings
Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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