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Merge Town!
Merge Town!
Merge Town!
Merge Town!
Merge Town!
Merge Town!
Merge Town!
Merge Town!
Merge Town!
Merge Town!

Review Merge Town!

Brandon Girod
Nice gameplay, easy-to-learn mechanics
Gameplay mechanics are too simple, no incentive to continue playing the game, lots of ads
If you follow any of my reviews, you probably already know that clickers are some of my favorite games on mobile platformers, so it's only natural that I check out everyone I see. I recently stumbled upon Merge Town! for Android which is about as basic a clicker as it gets. You might think it was a match made in heavy, but you'd be wrong.
Merge Town! is a very different clicker than I'm used to. For one, there really isn't anything that you're working toward. You'll start with plots of land, and you tap to make crates appear. Unfortunately, the crates never change. It always takes ten taps to unlock the next crate, and you never get anything different out of each crate. This does a number of things, but most importantly, it makes the entire idea behind clickers mundane.
So what do you get out of crates? Houses. Houses that you can then merge to create bigger houses. Joining houses is this game's idea of making the numbers bigger, and it's dreadfully dull because the entire mechanic makes everything feel like such a chore. Unfortunately, nothing changes in the game, either. You'll get more plots of land because you need them in order to continue playing the game. But the gameplay never evolves. You'll earn cash, too, but this only serves as an incredibly expensive way to purchase upgraded houses off the bat without having to waste time upgrading.
In the end, Merge Town! didn't really give me any incentive to actually play the game. Once I found out that there wasn't anything else to the gameplay outside of making bigger houses, my attention immediately waned.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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