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∞ Infinity Loop: HEX
∞ Infinity Loop: HEX
∞ Infinity Loop: HEX
∞ Infinity Loop: HEX
∞ Infinity Loop: HEX
∞ Infinity Loop: HEX
∞ Infinity Loop: HEX
∞ Infinity Loop: HEX

Review ∞ Infinity Loop: HEX

Brandon Girod
Incredible design, simple mechanics but difficult puzzles
No unlocks
I don't pretend to understand everything in the world, but I do try to be objective about everything I come across. That's what I did with Infinity Loop: HEX for Android, a puzzle game that has you creating infinite loops from complex and confusing lines that rotate about. It's a fun game, but given that there are a ton of these games, I'm not quite sure I "get it."
The core gameplay is exactly what I mentioned above. You'll have "pieces" of a larger puzzle that you can manipulate by tapping them. Tapping them will rotate them and the objective is to rotate them into a bigger, infinite shape. This starts of with very easy shapes but quickly jumps into shapes that are difficult to imagine, so I ended up using a lot of trial and error to solve puzzles. It's sort of relaxing but it can also be a little frustrating when you felt like you've already shuffled the pieces in every way possible and still haven't found the right shape.
What I absolutely love is the look of this game. When you first launch the game, you're not brought to any type of menu, instead you're launched directly into the first level. It looked so good that it honestly took a few seconds for me to even realize what happened. The game uses a very minimalist approach to its design. Often times, you'll just see the puzzle against a single color background. Simple but effective.
I'm not sure if fun is the right way to describe my time playing through Infinity Loop: HEX. It's a very well made game and there seems to be a lot of content, but the puzzles go from very simple to very difficult pretty quick. Overall, the game definitely feels great to play, though.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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