Bring me Cakes - Little Red Riding Hood Puzzle
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Bring me Cakes - Little Red Riding Hood Puzzle
Bring me Cakes - Little Red Riding Hood Puzzle
Bring me Cakes - Little Red Riding Hood Puzzle
Bring me Cakes - Little Red Riding Hood Puzzle
Bring me Cakes - Little Red Riding Hood Puzzle
Bring me Cakes - Little Red Riding Hood Puzzle
Bring me Cakes - Little Red Riding Hood Puzzle
Bring me Cakes - Little Red Riding Hood Puzzle

Review Bring me Cakes - Little Red Riding Hood Puzzle

Brandon Girod
Great graphics, features popular characters, fun and engaging gameplay mechanics
Forces you to watch ads or pay for additional levels
Little Red Riding Hood is back and this time she’s got a job to do. Granny needs her cakes and Red is the only person who can get them to her. In Bring Me Cakes for Android, you’ll use your puzzle solving skills to help Red make her way through the maze of a forest, and occasionally having to outrun the big, scary bad wolf.
This is definitely a puzzle game more than anything else, and it’s based on the popular children’s fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. As explained above, you’ll need to navigate each maze, picking up cakes for granny along the way. You don’t directly navigate Red. Instead, you’ll swipe in the direction you want her to move, and she’ll navigate through the level if there is space to move.
You have to be careful, however, because there are wolves that are out to get Red and you control them, too. That’s right, they mock every move Red makes. You have to plan out your moves ahead of time, and in many cases, you can dispatch the wolves before you ever take Red out to collect the cakes.
Bring Me Cakes’ biggest flaw is one that I’m a bit torn on, and should honestly probably give them a bit more slack for. See, what they do is once you get to a certain level, you are forced to watch a video ad to progress or pay money - which then makes your entire experience ad-free. Before this, I never experienced an ad playing the game, so it’s actually sort of a net benefit for the player. Either way you slice it, give this fun puzzle game a shot and see if it’s worth watching the ads or paying the few dollars.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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