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Pocket Snap
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Pocket Snap
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Pocket Snap

Review Pocket Snap

Brandon Girod
Tight controls, fun gameplay
Egregious ads, game become unresponsive at times
Looking for your next gaming addiction? Ketchapp is really hoping it’s going to be Pocket Snap for Android, a fun arcade game that has you trying to launch balls out of a device and land them into cups that either move around or sit static on the screen. Whether or not it’ll click with you depends on what your tolerance is for sometimes frustrating gameplay and ads.
What could possibly be more inviting to a player than opening an app and being immediately greeted with a full-screen ad? Nothing, if you’re Ketchapp. To me, there is absolutely nothing more frustrating than being presented with an ad before I even see the title screen of a game, but this isn’t Ketchapp’s first offense.
Jumping into the game is easy because it’s a fairly simple game. You get a launcher with three balls. You have to decide how much force you need to use on the launcher in order to successfully launch the ball into a floating cup. It’s mostly a series of trial and error until you get pretty used to how the launcher reacts to different pressure, but I never felt like the launcher was consistent. The further you get to the bottom, the exponentially more powerful the launcher became. The scaling wasn’t consistent.
I found that the starting points for certain runs were never consistent either. There would be times when I would go through almost 10 levels points before finding something difficult. Other times, I would lose on the very first point. Talk about frustrating. Overall, Pocket Snap is definitely not the game for me, and not even close to being the best Ketchapp game out there.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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