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The Mighty Hero
The Mighty Hero
The Mighty Hero
The Mighty Hero
The Mighty Hero
The Mighty Hero
The Mighty Hero
The Mighty Hero

Review The Mighty Hero

Brandon Girod
Great progression system, game always gives you something to look forward to
Graphics look outdated in a bad way
Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A princess has gone missing and you, an unlikely hero with a worn down sword, are the only hope of saving her in The Mighty Hero for Android. This is a side scrolling RPG that incorporates pretty much everything you’ve come to expect from a mobile RPG, from retro style pixel graphics to random loot you’ll need to acquire in order to level up your gear.
The entire point of a role-playing game is to assume the role of a character and progress both their story and their combat abilities. Those are two things this game does right. The game peppers a decent amount of story throughout. Almost to the point of it becoming a bit tedious. The character progression is the real meat of the game. You’ll earn levels while you’re out fighting enemies, but you’ll also need to gather resources to upgrade your gear.
The crafting system in this game actually works. When you’re in need of a specific ingredient, you can actually launch into a mission straight from the crafting screen that guarantees you’ll get at least one of the resource you need. Once your character reaches a certain level, you can then unlock different classes. Gameplay is semi-automatic. Your character will attack on their own but you can also use skills manually.
Overall, despite The Mighty Hero looking a bit drab in the graphics department, is actually pretty entertaining. I like the fact that the game is semi-automatic because it means I don’t have to pay super close attention while I’m playing, and there is a great progression system to boot.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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