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Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest
Dungeon Quest

Review Dungeon Quest

Sergei Petrov
Dungeon Quest - a dynamic game in the genre of Action RPG for Android, which, by its gameplay is very much like Diablo. We have to choose a warrior or mage and set off on an exciting journey full of dangerous enemies, dungeons, and battles with the bosses.
The plot of the game is practically no: from the start we just throw on a map where we kill all the enemies seek out and go to the next level. The main emphasis was placed on the gameplay and mechanics: sweeping blows of the sword, the use of spells - in other games, it did not deliver as much fun as it is here.


Control of the game is very simple and clear: the left is a virtual joystick to move, and on the right - the button for the attack and a series of small buttons to use potions and spells.
At this point in the game two classes - mage and warrior. Mage can attack from a distance, but it must be constantly running away from enemies, as can kill in just a few strokes. Warrior also gets in a close, has a lot of health, but he has to withstand all shocks.
Each weapon in the game has its own unique properties and physics of the attack. For example, a dagger deals weak but very fast attack, while the hammer gets very slow strokes, but throws enemies at once and affects a large area.
The game features a wide variety of enemies, many of which are able to jump, teleport and use magic attacks. For strikes in the game constantly spent mana, it does not matter, you are a warrior or mage. Mana replenished automatically, but at some point you may need and the elixir.
Another strong point of the game - it's a lot of pieces, we can knock out their weapons of various types. Where the parameters are randomly generated, there is also a magical and legendary weapons. If desired, the weapons can be improved with the help of stones.

Features Dungeon Quest for Android:

  • Nice 3D-graphics;
  • Simple operation;
  • Exciting gameplay and combat mechanics;
  • 2 unique characters;
  • Interesting and large-scale battles with the bosses;
  • 4 large heads (of 100 levels) and 5 levels of difficulty;
  • Simple, magical and legendary artifacts;
  • Nice sound.
The disadvantages of the game can be attributed not the best graphics, and a small amount of detail levels, the developers would be worth adding more objects and life, instead of the deserted corridors and fields.
Summary. Dungeon Quest - this is an excellent RPG-game for Android in the best traditions of the genre. One of the best attempts to move the Diablo gameplay on mobile devices. The game is in Beta-testing stage, and the developers promise will soon add another character, which we look forward.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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