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Food Conga
Food Conga
Food Conga
Food Conga
Food Conga
Food Conga
Food Conga
Food Conga

Review Food Conga

Brandon Girod
Novel gameplay mechanics, cute art style, limited ads
Controls not as responsive as they could be
You’re probably already familiar with the concept of a conga line. It’s a dance where everyone gets in a line and dances around a room. However, I bet you’ve never been a part of a conga with food! Food Conga for Android is a mobile arcade game where you play as a chef that’s collecting various foods in a conga line. The goal is to collect all the ingredients needed to create meals for your hungry customers as they wait at your restaurant at the end of every level.
Jumping into the game the first time, you’re not really given any direction as to what you’re supposed to do. So, embarrassingly enough, I spent the first ten seconds of the game swiping at my screen trying to get my character out of a tree I was stuck in. You actually tap and hold a spot on the screen to guide your character as they automatically walk forward. Your job is to navigate your character through each level while avoiding obstacles and picking up various foods.
Being an endless game, the first level is brain-dead simple. You’ll walk around avoiding porcupines that just walk back and forth. Easy. However, soon you’ll notice the environment begin putting physical barriers and obstacles that make navigating around those porcupines kind of difficult. And even further into the game, you’ll be confronted with other animals - like humongous bears - that offer up even more challenge.
Food Conga is a really fun arcade game that doesn’t throw many ads in your face and provides the player with a really cool and unique gaming experience. New characters aren’t just skins, they also offer different abilities, too, which give you that extra thing to work towards.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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