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Linpus Launcher
Linpus Launcher
Linpus Launcher
Linpus Launcher
Linpus Launcher
Linpus Launcher
Linpus Launcher
Linpus Launcher
Linpus Launcher

Review Linpus Launcher

Sergei Petrov
Linpus Launcher - is another launcher for Android, made ​​in the original design with its own set of icons. Unlike its competitors, the program has a built-in and very comfortable the Quick Launch bar, which can be caused by using a custom gesture.
Recently, new programs are trying to copy the style of the operating system Android 4.2 Jellybean. There is no such, the developer tried to find a new design, as well as give the user the flexibility to customize it for yourself.

The interface and the possibility of

The main window looks standard and familiar, except for a set of icons - they were drawn specifically for Linpus Launcher and look very nice. The bottom panel may take several provisions, there is also possible to place any small widget 1x1, for example, Shazam or Evernote .
Lovers of beautiful and custom, to find myself here more than 10 effects, scrolling, three styles of folders, and the ability to change the theme and design. The launcher supports the theme of the party, including the Go Launcher EX .
Settings in the program very much, but they are divided into sections, so finding what you need, it is possible. We advise definitely look at the settings of gestures with which you can run the most frequent functions.
Among the small amenities - dragging the application from the main menu on the desktop. When you click on the application throws us nowhere, we calmly select the desired table from the horizontal list and place the application in the right place.

Features Linpus Launcher for Android:

  • Colorful design;
  • Support for registration of third-party developers;
  • Tablet support;
  • More than 10 varieties of flip animations;
  • Removing programs in the style of iOS;
  • Ability to add widgets to the bottom panel;
  • Quick menu with access to the applications, shortcuts and functions;
  • A huge number of settings;
  • Count of unread notifications;
  • Ability to back layout settings (lovers experiments).
The disadvantages of the program include poor quality of some functions. For example, a quick menu though is cool feature, but you can only use it within the shell of the main menu and settings. In the third-party programs, it does not work, while the specialized program SwipePad cope with this very well.
Summary. Linpus Launcher - it is a beautiful and versatile interface for Android, which is not only trying to be like Go Launcher, but also introduces some unique features of its own, however, it turns out is not yet very well.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 8/10
Design 8/10
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