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Crumble Zone
Crumble Zone
Crumble Zone
Crumble Zone
Crumble Zone
Crumble Zone
Crumble Zone

Review Crumble Zone

Sergei Petrov
Crumble Zone - in this game, we will be helping the little stranger to save his tiny planet from impending comets and asteroids. Save your favorite planet, we will start with small rockets that will be able to beat off the comet and dissolve them into small pieces. In addition, with the remains of the wreckage, we can produce various minerals and precious objects.
Development of the game deals with a young but promising studio Rebel Twins, whom we know from an interesting game about a clumsy thief - Daddy Was A Thief . This game also features original gameplay and a very responsible approach to the visual component, the game looks great.


Finally, we have yet another game that does not look like anything that we've seen before. The original gameplay is always happy, especially when all other aspects worked well and in front of us single product, which is Crumble Zone.
The essence of the game is to ensure that we will run around the planets and launch missiles upward, firing an impending asteroid. Managed by playing with two hands, which are responsible for movement and attack button, when pressed, the head of the protagonist takes a small rocket. The sight can have only two positions - is the slope to the right or to the left, and it depends on which way we moved before.
In single game mode, we will fight off asteroids, and collect their fragments. Once we collect the right amount of debris, we automatically move on to the next level. If the space encircled by the dotted line that penetrates the comet or asteroid, part of our planet will be destroyed. The game lasts exactly as long as the asteroids will not destroy our planet. Fortunately, each time all of the levels are randomly generated, both in appearance and in terms of a set of asteroids and comets, so play again here very interesting.

Features Crumble Zone for Android:

  • Colorful HD-graphics;
  • Unique gameplay;
  • Great game design;
  • The random level generation;
  • The presence of multiplayer for two people;
  • Easy and intuitive.
Separately, I want to thank the developers for a great multiplayer for two, which can be played directly on your device. Players will run on their small plots of the planets and the speed to shoot down asteroids and padded asteroid could fly at high speeds on your opponent.
Summary. Crumble Zone - is an example of a complete and high-quality arcade games for Android, which is the degree of "coolness" may not live up to Cut The Rope: Time Travel, but very much stands out from the other faceless arcades.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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