Dungeon, Inc.
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Dungeon, Inc.
Dungeon, Inc.
Dungeon, Inc.
Dungeon, Inc.
Dungeon, Inc.
Dungeon, Inc.
Dungeon, Inc.
Dungeon, Inc.
Dungeon, Inc.
Dungeon, Inc.
Dungeon, Inc.
Dungeon, Inc.
Dungeon, Inc.
Dungeon, Inc.
Dungeon, Inc.
Dungeon, Inc.
Dungeon, Inc.
Dungeon, Inc.
Dungeon, Inc.

Review Dungeon, Inc.

Brandon Girod
Incredible looking graphics, very interesting mix of gameplay mechanics, great game balance
Pacing can plateau at times
Move over, Adventure Capitalist, there’s a new sheriff in town. Dungeon, Inc. for Android is a relatively new idle/clicker that is going to give even the best clickers a run for their money. This game has beautiful art, incredibly addictive gameplay and a really interesting mix of mechanics that really lets it shine compared to its competition.
Welcome, new gold production manager. Your job is to ensure Dungeon, Inc. turns a massive profit no matter what. There’s no low we won’t stoop to in order to make sure that happens, including insurance fraud.
In this hilarious clicker your job is to make sure the numbers keep going up, and you’ll do that over and over again as you make steady progress. Like many newer clickers, this game progresses in a top-down fashion. You’ll unlock new floors as you go and each new floors gives you access to more cash. When you find new employees to hire, they can be assigned to various floors and each new hire has stats and a passive perk.
You’ll want to be a bit strategic in where you place your employees because every few minutes you’ll need to defend the company from tax knights who want to make sure you’re paying your fair share in taxes. And there is a multiplayer component to boot. Rival organizations can go up against your setup in order to get keys that will allow them to unlock lucrative chests.
Dungeon, Inc. is easily one of the best clickers I’ve ever played. The game looks absolutely fantastic and it has a really fun multiplayer that really helps push it above the mold.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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