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Skim It!
Skim It!
Skim It!
Skim It!
Skim It!
Skim It!
Skim It!
Skim It!
Skim It!

Review Skim It!

Sergei Petrov
Skim It! - High competitive spirit and good old idea of playing marbles, quality implementation for Android from the studio Flippin Pixels. Now, in order to properly throw a pebble in the water and make him jump, not necessarily to go to nature, to seek water, and collect suitable for jumping flat stones.


So, all the fans to leave the stones in the water, to compete for the highest number of jumps, as well as precise strikes, we invite you to play in this, adapted for the home, analog. Maybe you do not get one in one of the same sensations, but a break from a busy day precision work.
To succeed in this game, you need to knock stones boat well-aimed blow. The greater the boat for one throw it to lose you, the more points you earn. Very interesting and realistic high-quality graphics on the background looks like the change of seasons, and the alternation of day and night.
First, specify the direction of their shots, and then deploy your device left or right to spin the shot. To earn coins and buy improvement, just follow the instructions to perform new tasks. Among them may be, for example: 3 boats immediately bring down the green or red knock 5 boats in a single game. If the job is not done, then you have to start over.

Features Skim It! For Android:

  • Graphics at a high level and the corresponding musical accompaniment;
  • Relaxing effect on the process of throwing pebbles into the water - just like a child;
  • Changing the design of the game: the different seasons and time of day;
  • Colorful origami boats and ducks as targets;
  • A variety of missions with a particular task;
  • Spectacular combo with good physics;
  • Obsessive monetization system with the purchase of stones themselves, upgrades and so on (the game is also free).
It is logical to move on to that very annoying in the game - this is, of course, advertising and monetization. Almost minutes after the game you are prompted to continue buying 500, 1600 or 3000 coins for 1, 2 and 3 dollars. And for more than $ 7 you can buy a magic bag of unlimited number of coins. Share results with your friends on facebook or watching commercials on another game, you will earn only 5 coins.


Skim It! - Helps how to relax and unwind in the game pebbles for Android. Previously appearing on some devices bug with the black-and-white graphics has been cleaned. You can purchase a fun toy for yourself and your friends for just one dollar. Not so much for the quality of the game, made a solid Pyaterochka.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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