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Dark Avenger
Dark Avenger
Dark Avenger
Dark Avenger
Dark Avenger
Dark Avenger
Dark Avenger
Dark Avenger
Dark Avenger
Dark Avenger
Dark Avenger
Dark Avenger

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Alexander Vorobyev
Great 3D graphics, dynamic gameplay, lots of classes, various weapons and armor
In-app purchases
Dark Avenger is a great action RPG for Android devices that was inspired by legendary Diablo III. The game is distinguished by decent 3D graphics, atmospheric locations, and complex RPG elements that you will be able to enjoy while playing one of many classes and fighting monsters.
The game features four classes—templar, archer, berserker, and sorceress—and is controlled via the on-screen joystick and buttons used for attacking and special hits. The same way as in Diablo III, you will be able to level up your hero and wear clothing and weapons that will drop from mobs.
The game features lots of levels that you will need to brood around. Monsters will be usually appearing from under the ground. You will need to use your dexterity to the full to slay them all without running low on HP and MP. Every level will feature a boss that will appear once you have killed all usual monsters.
Dark Avenger is a nice action RPG for Android inspired by iconic Diablo III game. The game is really addictive and is great for killing some time as it has everything a gamer needs. It features no significant drawbacks apart from in-app purchases.

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Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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How to download it& complete installation;then too on opening its a dark page displaying nothing:iam using it on android only
Tak boleh buat main lah,,,,
Update dark avenger...cnt wait to play!

Kitkat 4.4 does not support well...need help want to play soon
Tariq Abdulla
Hi there, I'm sorry but we don't have any control over the apps we review.
Grey Hat
Grey Hat14 Mar 2015, at 16:01Samsung GT-I9500 Galaxy S4
Why i can't open dark avenger game.Galaxy S4(GT-19500).Please give me some advice
how to download?
Addice Shahi
nice games
James Thomas
James Thomas10 Jul 2013, at 16:55Amazon Kindle Fire
UPDATE DARK AVENGER !!! It should be (Dark Avenger v1.1.0) but it does not exist on my Kindle Fire and therefore I can not continue to believe that no one plays it but me so PLEASE UPDATE! As they will be updating this app again within this month to include a third character in the awesome game and would like to very much PLAY it. THANK U...
James on Kindle Fire 2nd Gen.
James on Kindle Fire 2nd Gen. 02 Jun 2013, at 01:10
UPDATE!!! Please update version for Dark Avenger as it is very fun and unable to continue w/o updated version. Thank you for reading. June 1st....
Ok it seems ok
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