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Green the Planet 2
Green the Planet 2
Green the Planet 2
Green the Planet 2
Green the Planet 2
Green the Planet 2
Green the Planet 2
Green the Planet 2

Review Green the Planet 2

Brandon Girod
Beautiful score, addictive game progression, some of the best pixel art out there
The game could have shaken things up more from the original
I’ll be honest, the original Green Planet was one of my favorite games of last year. It’s a game you can jump into and play as little or as much of and then jump right back out. It’s a beautiful game with peaceful music and addictive gameplay. Green Planet 2 for Android takes all of that and just gives you more of it.
The premise of this game is pretty simple. Your mission is to go through the galaxy and terraform pretty much every planet you come across. How will you do that? By decomposing comets that fly by with one of multiple decomposers. This is the main meat of the game. Each decomposer shoots in various ways and you’ll use the resources you collect from decomposing comets to upgrade them. You can also use your resources to upgrade other things such as robots that will collect resources automatically or predict when rare comets are going to come by.
The most important function of your resources is to terraform the planet you’re on. Terraforming happens very, very slowly on its own, but you can spend huge amounts of resources to speed up the process considerably. Comets are sometimes slow to come by, so you have to really balance what you want to spend your money on. Do you need to upgrade your decomposer because it’s too weak to decompose the new comets or do you spend the resources on upgrade robots that will clean up bits of debris for you, netting you extra cash?
Green Planet 2 changes a few things up by introducing new decomposers, but it leaves the majority of what made the original work so well intact. I wish it had done more but the game is still really fun.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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