Can Knockdown 3
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Can Knockdown 3
Can Knockdown 3
Can Knockdown 3
Can Knockdown 3
Can Knockdown 3
Can Knockdown 3
Can Knockdown 3
Can Knockdown 3
Can Knockdown 3
Can Knockdown 3

Review Can Knockdown 3

Jay Feldman
Quality sound, lots of levels, addictive game play
No skill required, very common
Can Knockdown 3 for Android is a straightforward carnival style game for your Droid. Smash cans and knock them all down to win each round. Why? Because hitting stuff can be fun.
Can Knockdown 3 is a fun little timewaster. The environment looks like a back alley late at night. There's some cans perched atop a ledge and you get 3 balls per round. Just fling your 3 balls at the cans and try to knock them all down before you run out of shots. As the game progresses, there's power up cans that give you extra balls and others that blowup on impact; taking out nearby cans in a fiery explosion that's hugely satisfying.
The controls are easy; too easy. Just touch the ball and flick it at the cans. If you flick really hard, you get a power-shot bonus and the satisfaction of seeing cans get smacked around violently. But just like billiards; the heavy handed shots that illicit the biggest smacking sounds aren't always the best way to play. If you just slide your finger from the ball to where you want it to go, you can hit each and every can with accuracy. So literally, to conquer this game, all you need do is touch a ball and then slide and point at a can; perfect shot every single time.
The sounds are good; I liked the cheering crowd and the explosions were satisfying. However, I thought the explosive cans should detonate even if they just fall and hit something. as it is, they simply drop away without so much as a thud; unless they're struck with a direct hit, which just seems like a wasted opportunity to add some excitement. Just make them blow up no matter what they hit; it's supposed to be sensitive explosives, so why all the duds?
Can Knockdown 3 is a decent timekiller, but there simply isn't enough going on here to merit much play. And once you figure out the touch and point shooting technique, there's virtually no skill required.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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