Demons Must Die
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Demons Must Die
Demons Must Die
Demons Must Die
Demons Must Die
Demons Must Die
Demons Must Die
Demons Must Die
Demons Must Die
Demons Must Die

Review Demons Must Die

Brandon Girod
Good looking graphics and effects, controls are solid and responsive, easy upgrade system
Poor level design, story is full of grammatical mistakes
If you’re familiar with Orcs Must Die then, well, you won’t be very familiar with Demons Must Die for Android. This is a side-scrolling beat’em up where you dash around killing demons. You’ll juggle enemies in the air as you try to not only beat levels, but perform stylish moves in the process as you’re always rated at the end of every level. You’ll upgrade your character as you move along and there is plenty of humorous story to keep you interested throughout the game.
You’ll start the game off with a quick comic strip that lays the groundwork for what you’re doing throughout the game. The story itself isn’t good at all, but it is entertaining because it’s written in pretty bad English. You’re a super soldier who is partnered up with a beta character that has self-esteem issues. Honestly though, I kind of wish it would just drop the story because it doesn’t add much to the gameplay and gets in the way more than anything.
The game also touts a “freestyle” combo system, which isn’t accurate at all. You have an onscreen keyboard that has two directional buttons to navigate through levels and you have four face buttons that do things like attack and jump. The X button does a normal attack and mashing it does a three-hit combo. The Y button does a special attack that launches enemies into the air, and the O button can be used to shoot. There really isn’t any combo system besides mashing the same three hits over and over again.
Demons Must Die controls pretty well and looks decent. The upgrade system is simple but at least gives you something to work towards. Level design is pretty awful as you’re mostly fighting enemies on flat planes. But, overall, the game is fun enough to sink a few hours into and have some mindless fun.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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