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Nights Keeper
Nights Keeper
Nights Keeper
Nights Keeper
Nights Keeper
Nights Keeper
Nights Keeper
Nights Keeper
Nights Keeper

Review Nights Keeper

Sergei Petrov
Nights Keeper - laconic keeper sleep and peace of mind for Android is designed to protect every user from pesky calls, night anonymous, as well as other inappropriate and unwanted incidents. This defender of your personal time can boast of high quality and quite extensive functionality, as well as in all respects pleasant, minimalist, and this is even more user friendly interface.
As you know, this application takes care of your sleep and does not bother you on the little things and little things. At the same time, you can set special settings for the white list of the necessary contacts and friends. Thanks to him, you will be protected from non-petition calls, and be able to manually set the number of rings before anyone can reach you.
The growing call to help many more pleasant time of the call and calm, and a special sound level at night do not wake anyone but you. And, of course, the application to worry about that at night you are not pestered online updates, Auto Sync, and everything to do with wi-fi and mobile internet.

Features Nights Keeper for Android:

  • Useful functionality and pleasant interface with comfortable settings, without further action, and distracting additives;
  • Ability to install the profile on weekdays: individual settings all the functions on different days;
  • Two types of interface themes: light and dark;
  • Three types of ring mode: normal, with vibration or just vibrate separately;
  • Separate ringtone and volume level for the night;
  • Rising Up and a special brightness in the night;
  • The morning dip synchronization, and mobile internet;
  • The ability to block anonymous calls and unknown numbers;
  • Installing the SMS notification in case nedozvona;
  • Minimal use of the battery, and memory.
Most, in our opinion, the useful and the primary functions become available only after the acquisition of PRO-version. Therefore, if you are not planning to purchase an extended version of the app, you will not be surprised in the event that it will seem sufficiently effective and fit. Many functions are not pro version have already been implemented, one way or another, on many devices or programs predecessors.
Attention! If in front of you, like many other users, the question arose display all contacts, without exception, be sure to put a tick in the appropriate line in the settings - "show all contacts". Among the additions would be nice to get a hand-profile and a widget to it.
Summary. Nights Keeper - good make an application for the organization of restful sleep, or create an individual mode of use of the gadget for Android. The Pro version is purchased within the program for $ 2, which is quite justified. Our Pyaterochka for versatility and usefulness of the application, as well as the absence of something extra. White List - this is exactly what many people were waiting for other applications such orientation. In general, the use of this application is undeniable, this must-have!

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 8/10
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