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Up & Down Hero
Up & Down Hero
Up & Down Hero
Up & Down Hero
Up & Down Hero
Up & Down Hero
Up & Down Hero

Review Up & Down Hero

Brandon Girod
Good rate of progression, addictive gameplay
Uninspiring graphics, laggy controls
Looking for your next mobile RPG? Check out Up & Down Hero for Android. This game feature a combination of RPG elements with mechanics you’d typically see in an endless runner to create an experience you will (hopefully) not forget. But the question is: does it succeed?
This isn’t really a game where the mechanics are understood at first glance. Control wise, there are only two buttons: up and down - bet you can’t guess what they do. Using these buttons will move your character up and down between three lanes. Inside each of these lanes you’ll find all sorts of items, enemies and power-ups. Every time you run into an enemy, you’ll do damage to it but it will also do damage to you. You only have a limited amount of health, so you really need to balance when you should attack and when you should avoid.
There are pros and cons to doing both. You don’t want to totally avoid all enemies because you gain experience points from defeating enemies. When you level, you clear everything off each lane and have your health instantly restored. However, you don’t want to continuously attack because you likely won’t be able to find enough health orbs to stay alive to do so. Once you inevitably die, you can use coins picked up while fighting to upgrade your speed, health and attack.
Up & Down Hero doesn’t look like a good game. The game’s graphics are pretty bad and the art style is downright generic. But the gameplay is interesting and I think the character progression will keep a lot of people interested for a while.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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