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Make Hexa Puzzle
Make Hexa Puzzle
Make Hexa Puzzle
Make Hexa Puzzle
Make Hexa Puzzle
Make Hexa Puzzle
Make Hexa Puzzle
Make Hexa Puzzle

Review Make Hexa Puzzle

Brandon Girod
Simple yet beautiful art style, intriguing puzzle mechanics, satisfying sound effects
Ugly banner ads
If you’re looking for a unique and addicting experience, you’ll definitely want to give Make Hexa Puzzle for Android a look. This is a mobile puzzle game that sucked hours away from me before I even realized it. The premise is simple but really intriguing. All you have to do is make a hexagon of the same color in order to gain points and keep the board clear, and you’ll need to keep it going to get the highest score you can.
The game wastes no time trying to teach you what you need to know in order to succeed, and that’s a good thing. The premise is simple. You’ll have access to three shapes at the bottom of the screen. The shapes will vary but can all be used to create a hexagon. You need to plot them on the larger hexagon in a way that will allow you to keep your options open in the future. This means you’ve gotta be really lucky and try playing a few moves ahead.
The game’s art design is exceptional. Everything about it works with the game’s minimalist mechanics and I absolutely loved the muted color palette. Sound effects occur every time you pick something up and drop it into place. There are a few modifications you can make the game’s visual appearance but there are no cosmetic unlocks. The only thing you can purchase is a bigger board and a few power-ups.
Make Hexa Puzzle is an exceptional puzzle game that checks all the right boxes. The gameplay is intriguing, the art style is beautiful yet simple and the sound effects are totally satisfying.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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