Blasty Bubs - Brick Breaker
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Blasty Bubs - Brick Breaker
Blasty Bubs - Brick Breaker
Blasty Bubs - Brick Breaker
Blasty Bubs - Brick Breaker
Blasty Bubs - Brick Breaker
Blasty Bubs - Brick Breaker
Blasty Bubs - Brick Breaker
Blasty Bubs - Brick Breaker
Blasty Bubs - Brick Breaker
Blasty Bubs - Brick Breaker

Review Blasty Bubs - Brick Breaker

Brandon Girod
High quality graphics, gameplay breaks into bite-sized chunks
Aiming can sometimes be wonky, not many unlocks
A really good brick breaker games takes me right back to the days of my childhood where I’d spend time playing bubble shooters on school computers. Blasty Bubs for Android is a game that combines gameplay elements of brick breakers and bubble shooters to create a game that really feels like it has an identity all its own. Interested? Keep reading to find out what I think about the full game.
The game itself doesn’t really feel like throwback to anything in particular. It feels more like a bubble shooter than a brick breaker due to its set up. Unlike a brick breaker, you get to choose where you’re going to launch your ball, and you don’t have to worry about moving a paddle in order to keep it going. In this sense, it’s more like a bubble shooter. The twist is that once the ball is launched then it will bounce around the level based on objects within the ball’s path. Some of the objects are “bricks” that you want to break, but other times they can be power-ups.
Power-ups are the game’s bread and butter. With these bad boys you get the chance to split a large ball into multiple smaller balls, or the ability to turn your ball into a bomb that explodes on first impact (though the ball itself continues to move). The game is endless. There are no levels to play through, instead you’ll go from one randomly generated level to the next until you’ve run out of balls. The idea is to get the highest score you can. Once a run is over, you’ll earn coins based on how well you did which can be used to purchase aesthetics for the game.
Unsurprisingly, I had a ton of fun with this Blasty Bubs. The production value feels really high, though the audio sounds like it could be higher fidelity than it is. Overall, it’s worth the download.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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Charles Demers
We are glad to see that Blasty Bubs is still getting some love! We bet you'd also love our newest game Laps - Fuse! It is currently being featured in the App Store. Give it a look and let us know of your highscore. .....
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