Theatre of the Absurd
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Theatre of the Absurd
Theatre of the Absurd
Theatre of the Absurd
Theatre of the Absurd
Theatre of the Absurd

Review Theatre of the Absurd

Sergei Petrov
Theatre of the Absurd - quest with terrifying special effects and addictive storyline for Android from the studio Big Fish Games. Made all very high quality, pass the job - a real pleasure, and the original tips and super abilities make the game more interesting.


So, you're in the snowy Alps, representing the Scarlet Frost, an expert dark magic, trying to find out whether the former owner of the godforsaken theater, Dr. Korvis, contacted by the dark forces. If this is indeed true, then he has gained in his time Hapsburgsky Cube - a powerful tool for keeping the grip of the ancient Babylonian demon that would wreak destruction in hell if the cube is broken.
Of course, in the ill-fated day cube breaks and unleashes a demon, who eventually moves into the soul Korvisa Doctor and his young daughter. And so, this is the snow-covered and forgotten theater becomes a place of struggle, esoteric arena for unequal battle with the dark forces. And then it turns out that the only way to defeat the demon - it is a flexible mind and the whole trick to give in and allow yourself to take over his soul. Only in this case will be able to purchase a ticket in the Theatre of the Absurd, where your super ability to find a good use.
In normal mode, prompting a lot more, they are more obvious, more generally Relaxing style of play. In expert mode you will have to strain your brain more, and less means of navigation. If during the game you realize you want to switch to another mode, you can do it without being distracted by using the screen with an additional menu.

Features of Theatre of the Absurd for Android:

  • A fascinating story and great special effects with startling quality support;
  • Beautiful graphics and original tips (for example, on the arm of the protagonist);
  • Manifestation of the supernatural at every step along the course of the story;
  • New appointments and frightening characters - gargoyles, demons, and so on;
  • Two difficulty levels: normal and expert;
  • Ability to play with the left control;
  • The bonus chapter from the original story;
  • Guide to the passage and strategy.
As always, the lack of translation into Russian in order to fully understand the plot and did not climb over unfamiliar words in the translator while searching for items. Many users are already crying out to ensure that all the games from the wonderful studio Big Fish Games have been translated, because it is the largest manufacturer of casual games, loved by all for many chic quests. In addition, it must be noted that the game was a bit short, so that the impression as if it remained unfinished, with ragged plot.


Theatre of the Absurd - worth the attention of the game for Android in the genre of the quest. Free you can try out the game, and then unlock it already on the move, without detracting from the story for a minute. Its value at $ 2 game justifies, though a bit short. And for $ 3, you can unlock even more intense version with additional locations and puzzles, as well as a step by step guide. Our solid four.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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