Alchademy: School of Alchemy
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Alchademy: School of Alchemy
Alchademy: School of Alchemy
Alchademy: School of Alchemy
Alchademy: School of Alchemy
Alchademy: School of Alchemy
Alchademy: School of Alchemy
Alchademy: School of Alchemy
Alchademy: School of Alchemy
Alchademy: School of Alchemy

Review Alchademy: School of Alchemy

Brandon Girod
Great style, offers plenty of unlocks
Not much gameplay, long timers
If you’re looking for some true casual fun, stop swiping and start mixing. Alchademy for Android is a game that tasks you with using your curiosity to mix ingredients and create new, crazy concoctions. It’s mostly a time killer that you’ll check in on from time to time because it’s not exactly a game that will demand large swaths of your time.
Alchademy is a really good looking game. Not breathtakingly beautiful, but it’s got great style and was created with love. In fact, just watching the bubbles rise from the cauldron as my little alchemist stirred was pretty satisfying on its own accord. Unfortunately, there is more to a game than the way it looks and this one is lacking a bit in this department.
This isn’t really much of a game. Sure, you’ll tap on things, mix them together and create more things to tap, but that’s about it. As you experiment, you’ll probably notice the timers getting arbitrarily long, and this is about the time my patience ran out. After failing decoction after decoction, I eventually found myself getting pretty frustrated with the whole experience.
The game does try and give you some subtle cues as to how to play it. For instance, if you try and mix two ingredients together that you’ve already tried before, the water in the cauldron will turn red. And the more lights that light up when you throw an ingredient in the pot, the more uses it has left before it has run out of recipes.
If you’re looking for game that you don’t really have to play, well, Alchademy is it. It’s a game you’ll spend more time waiting on than playing, but at least it looks good while doing it… right?

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 7/10
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