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Hardest Game Ever 2
Hardest Game Ever 2
Hardest Game Ever 2
Hardest Game Ever 2
Hardest Game Ever 2
Hardest Game Ever 2
Hardest Game Ever 2
Hardest Game Ever 2
Hardest Game Ever 2
Hardest Game Ever 2
Hardest Game Ever 2
Hardest Game Ever 2
Hardest Game Ever 2
Hardest Game Ever 2
Hardest Game Ever 2
Hardest Game Ever 2

Review Hardest Game Ever 2

Jay Feldman
Funny sounds, decent graphics, lots of levels, unusual game play
Unbalanced difficulty, monotonous game play, graphics could have been better
Hardest Game Ever 2 for Android is downright silly, crude and occasionally gross; in short, kids will absolutely love this one, and maybe even some really immature adults too. (So… pretty much all of us.)
Hardest Game Ever 2 is pretty unusual. Basically it’s a collection of mini games and irreverent mind teasers. The grossest one I saw, was the one where you have to keep the little boy from oozing snot into his morning bowl of cereal. As the boy nods off, his head tilts left or right, and a loooooong string of gooey snot stretches down from his nose and hovers over his bowl. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeww!!!! That’s just one example of the fun to be had here. Stomping on cockroaches with flip flops before they scurry away was also fun. So you kinda get the idea what sorta games we’re talking about here.
The graphics are very colorful and playful. The animation is almost nonexistent; mostly just a series of images strung together to form a crude animation; however, it all fits well within this irreverent game format. There are a lot of levels to be played here, with the gross and silliness factor only increasing as you progress.
The controls are just basic screen taps. For the most part, all worked well, but I did experience several hangs and many of my button presses didn't register. Overall, the game plays well and doesn't seem like it’s much of a battery killer, just a serious time waster.
Hardest Game Ever 2 may not be the hardest game I've ever tried, but it’s certainly in contention for the goofiest. Kids will go nuts for this one, while parents may well be driven nuts by it. Good times for all.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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