Train of Gold Rush
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Train of Gold Rush
Train of Gold Rush
Train of Gold Rush
Train of Gold Rush
Train of Gold Rush
Train of Gold Rush
Train of Gold Rush

Review Train of Gold Rush

Sergei Petrov
Train of Gold Rush - an exciting puzzle game for Android, in which we will lay the railway for a train, and the time for the laying of the road will be limited. If we do not have time to do everything on time, the train will go over what has already been built and is likely to come off the rails.
Game development studio is engaged Gadgetcrafts, specializing in the production of different puzzles. This game we liked, primarily due to the full gratuity. Yes, there are built-in advertising, but it does not interfere with the game. Banner advertising is very small and at the bottom of the screen (less than usual). Also, the game does not even hint at any free2play elements (pay money for tips for opening levels and so on).


At each level the Train of Gold Rush we have a point of departure and the point of the finish. Also on the board are scattered gold sources that need to try to collect along the way. In the right part of the screen is the panel of the items that we can use in construction.
Player does not limit in terms of the elements for the building, since the main difficulty of the game lies in the fact that the need to build quickly. For the construction of the road we click on an item in the right column, and then on the square, where it should be placed. Clicking then on the section area of ​​the railway, we can rotate it in the required direction. Also on the right is an icon of dynamite. If you click on it, and then the square of the road, it will be blown up.
At each level, we can get three stars. To get one, you need to collect all the pieces of gold. Earned star, we need to unlock the next set of levels. All in the game about 125 levels, which are divided into several different locations with their chips.

Features Train of Gold Rush for Android:

  • Nice graphics;
  • Easy and intuitive design;
  • Time limit for the construction of the road;
  • 125 levels in three different locations.
Another nice bonus is two additional mini-games that will help take a break from the main process. This is a simple card game and a classic shooting gallery, which will remind many of the old game about the Wild West on the Nintendo game with a gun.
Summary. Train of Gold Rush - a quality puzzle game for Android, which is quite addictive and at the same time give the player to rest in the form of mini-games. Also, it is one of the few "honest" free games without any reservations.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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Its very boring and unintresting game
Its very boring and unintresting game
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