Rival Gears Racing
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Rival Gears Racing
Rival Gears Racing
Rival Gears Racing
Rival Gears Racing
Rival Gears Racing
Rival Gears Racing
Rival Gears Racing
Rival Gears Racing

Review Rival Gears Racing

Brandon Girod
Gorgeous graphics, fun racing mechanics
Upgrade system is too tedious, being forced to climb the ladder to progress is painful
Get ready to own the streets in Rival Gears Racing for Android. This head-to-head competitive racing game is part runner part arcade racing game. You’ll upgrade cars, race rivals, participate in tournaments, cash in on rewards and team up with pro teams to race your way to the top of the online leaderboards.
Rival Gears is an interesting racing game because it doesn’t task you with steering in a traditional sense and you’re not in control of braking or accelerating either. Instead, you’ll tap left and right to “steer” your car into different lanes. Based on your car’s various stats, you’ll drive faster, take turns tighter and dodge traffic smoother with better stats.
When you’re dodging traffic you can find yourself in drafts that will give you a speed boost, so the game introduces some much needed added depth to make things interesting. As you pull off dangerous maneuvers, you’ll also build up a boost meter that can be used whenever you need it. There is a bar you need to time correctly in order to maximize the effect of your boost, too.
Upgrading your car is the game’s weakest point. You need random drops to upgrade your car and you don’t get these drops by winning races. Instead, you’ll earn them in the city as you play through, and you’ve gotta wait a significant time to earn these parts, too. You can get around this by paying straight cash for the upgrades, but they’re incredibly expensive. We’re talking several races worth of prize cash just for the first upgrade.
Rival Gears Racing has a lot of interesting ideas. The racing is really fun and I like the design of the cars. But the upgrade system and constant ladder grind are a pain.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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