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Flying Bob
Flying Bob
Flying Bob
Flying Bob
Flying Bob
Flying Bob
Flying Bob

Review Flying Bob

Sergei Petrov
Flying Bob - is a colorful arcade game for Android with a very interesting physical gameplay. We will help small ball to Bob go through various mazes and collect stars. The main feature is that the main character moves by throwing a rope, which clings to the walls and other objects.
The game has a fairly simple, but very nice graphics and good sound. You can go through the game quickly enough, only 24 levels. But the game is completely free and we do not even notice advertising. According to the description in the Google Play, the game is the winner of the contest Mozilla Game-On.


The entire game is based on Bob's ability to produce a fun rope. To get it out, you just need to click on the object. The hero not only tripped over the rope, but will slowly gravitate towards him. As soon as we let go of your finger, the hero is disengaged. This way you can sway and move quickly.
Each level consists of Flying Bob passages and many interactive features. There is a rotating wheel that we will be able to throw or lift at the right place for us. There are also lasers that attract and guide us in the right direction.
At each level, we are given a certain number of seconds for which we have to go through. Also, to open the next level, you need to collect more than half of the required stars. If time runs out, but we have not crossed the finish line, then every second we begin to take on the star.

Features Flying Bob for Android:

  • High-quality HD-graphics;
  • Two types of management - by pressing or virtual joystick;
  • 24 levels;
  • Unique gameplay, based on physics;
  • Different objects for interaction - the wheels, mines, guns, power lines, and more.
The disadvantages of the game can be attributed only to the fact that the game is too short and it takes about one hour. It is very small, but require something more from a completely free game, and even without advertising, and extortion of money would be ugly. But I would like to get more levels, even if they are paid for.
Summary. Flying Bob - it's a great arcade game for Android, which stands out among the many quality gameplay, interesting levels, as well as good graphics and sound. Definitely recommend to all fans of arcade games. Download as FREE!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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