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Charming Keep
Charming Keep
Charming Keep
Charming Keep
Charming Keep
Charming Keep
Charming Keep
Charming Keep
Charming Keep
Charming Keep
Charming Keep
Charming Keep
Charming Keep
Charming Keep
Charming Keep
Charming Keep
Charming Keep
Charming Keep

Review Charming Keep

Brandon Girod
Charming graphics, addictive gameplay, spells are fun
Doesn't push the envelope mechanically
If you’re someone who easily becomes addicting to great idle clicking games then you’ll want to make sure you avoid Charming Keep for Android because it will suck you in and spit you back out a changed person. Okay, maybe it won’t do that last part, but it’s a real good idle clicker that is both charming - as the name implies - and incredibly addictive as you watch the bars fly across the screen.
I guess it can be said that if you have played one clicker then you’ve played them all. This game is no real exception because it doesn’t really bring anything new to the table other than the game’s gimmick. In Charming Keep your job is to build a keep that makes you money. Surprisingly, this game is more idle than it is clicker as you’ll likely never click anything outside of the first five seconds it takes to hire a keeper to take over the tapping duties for you.
Building your keep is the fun part of the game, though. You’ll earn enough to build a new level, pick the store you want to build, who is going to run it, and level it up so it becomes more and more useful to you until, ultimately, it becomes totally obsolete because floors higher up become that much better.
You can use spells to do things like fast forward six hours into the future so you can reap immediate rewards, and video ads are worth watching because they’ll double your rewards for four hours. Fortunately, there isn’t anything in this game that really gets in your way, though casting spells does cost premium currency that can only be obtained through purchase or by completing daily quests.
Charming Keep isn’t revolutionary, but it is fun, and what more can you ask from a game like this anyway?

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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