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Jelly Band
Jelly Band
Jelly Band
Jelly Band
Jelly Band
Jelly Band

Review Jelly Band

Sergei Petrov
Jelly Band - is a simple and very fun music game for Android, in which we will set the stage futuristic space monsters, each of which has its own unique instrument.
Development of the game has been one of our favorite studios - Infinite Dreams, which we know from such masterpieces as Can Knockdown 2 and Let `s Create! Pottery . But the main game studio is and will be a popular Tower Defense - Jelly Defense , precisely on the basis of this universe and made ​​this mini-game.


The entire game consists of two levels, scenes. At each stage there are several series, as well as places where you can put musicians. The lower space scenes are closer to us, and so if you put them on the musician, the sound of the instrument will be as loud as more and more quietly.
The main characters were well known to us from the famous monsters TD. Each monster has on one instrument. All the characters are behind the scenes and do not play as long as we do not grab them with your finger and transplanted to the right place.
Placing characters in different places, we can create a unique ring, you can use a bass, drums, guitar, wind instruments, a variety of rhythms, synthesizers and other instruments. The resulting song can be recorded when you click in the right pane of the red button.
Everything that happens on stage looks very cute and colorful, with graphics and animation Infinite Dreams have always had everything well, and here and did an impression of the live concert. If the sick one area, you can go to the main menu and switch to the second, there will have to wait for another set of musicians.

Features Jelly Band for Android:

  • Stunning HD-graphics;
  • Quality sound instruments (best played with headphones);
  • Melodies are very simple;
  • Like the results can be recorded on video;
  • More than 20 varieties of instruments;
  • Nice and cute characters.
Playing equally attractive to adults and children. Expect from this game is not anything special, it's fun for a small advertising base game Jelly Defense.
Summary. Jelly Band - it's bright and colorful musical entertainment for Android, which will help you to spend 15-30 minutes with pleasure, as well as create your own music hit and make it to the video. Game of excellent quality and totally free!

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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