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Sky Dancer
Sky Dancer
Sky Dancer
Sky Dancer
Sky Dancer
Sky Dancer
Sky Dancer
Sky Dancer
Sky Dancer
Sky Dancer
Sky Dancer
Sky Dancer
Sky Dancer
Sky Dancer
Sky Dancer
Sky Dancer
Sky Dancer
Sky Dancer

Review Sky Dancer

Brandon Girod
Surreal visuals, responsive controls, great music
Repetitive gameplay, no rewards
Runners have a long and turmoiled history on mobile devices. Yes, games like Temple Run had explosive popularity, but I could also list thousands of other runners that probably never even got the chance to grace the screen of your Play Store because the market is oversaturated and most games just aren’t good. Sky Dancer for Android is one runner that has managed to change my mind.
Picture a surreal world where you can see open skies all around you; there is open space above you and below you. Peeking down, though, you see a fragment of land and it’s just hanging there in the sky. This is the world of Sky Dancer. In this runner you will run and jump from one fragment of land to the next while collecting coins, taking in the wondrous landscapes and listening to the dreamy music.
Every jump you make gets progressively harder. At first, you’ll jump almost immediately to the next form. The next jump will require a bit of precision to bank the landing. The next might just take sheer luck. It’s the constant struggle and challenge that keeps this game fun and interesting. Barely missing a jump means you have to repeat your run and this time you’re sure you can nail it. It’s an easy way to quickly eat up a few hours.
I was overall impressed by what Sky Dancer had to offer. It’s not your run of the mill runner and really challenges the player while staying fair.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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