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The Abandoned
The Abandoned
The Abandoned
The Abandoned
The Abandoned
The Abandoned
The Abandoned
The Abandoned

Review The Abandoned

Brandon Girod
Amazing graphics, thick atmosphere, responsive controls
Serious framerate issues, small ui, enemies appear out of nowhere
Mobile platforms don’t have the strongest offerings for survival simulators and just taking a quick look at what they’ve got to work with, it’s easy to see why. The small screen, limited performance resources and clumsy controls don’t work well for a game genre known for serious consequences. The question is, can the devs that made War Thunder get it right with The Abandoned for Android?
The production value evident in this game are insane. Although textures look flat, they’re still very detailed for a mobile game. The problem is that they’re maybe too detailed. In my experience with the game, running on a more-than-capable Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, I experienced nothing but poor performance and framerate issues. If I wasn’t stuttering across the terrain then I was waiting seconds to bring up menus that needed to constantly be accessed.
The game also suffers from a really small UI. What little space they have, they utilize well, but as I stated in the intro, there just isn’t enough screen real estate to display the information needed while also trying to be the place you need to use in order to control your character. Every interaction you need to make must be done within menus. So if an enemy runs up behind you while you’re running, you need to swap to a weapon by going into a menu, turn around and then start wailing. The problem is that you could be halfway dead by that time.
So what’s good in the game? Well, what’s there is fine. There is a really robust crafting system, the world is mysterious and begging to be explore and the story leaves intrigue. Unfortunately, it’s really hard to ignore the performance issues when they exist in every aspect of the game. I’m not a huge fan of survival games in general, but The Abandoned isn’t quite there yet.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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