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Brave Train
Brave Train
Brave Train
Brave Train
Brave Train
Brave Train
Brave Train
Brave Train
Brave Train

Review Brave Train

Brandon Girod
Good graphics, fun combination of gameplay mechanics
Not enough content, train skins are too expensive
Now here is a game I wasn’t expecting to ever play. Brave Train for Android is a weird combination of a match three game and Snake. It’s an unlikely combination because you wouldn’t expect either genres from simply looking at photos posted on the Play Store page, and even trying to imagine it is hard, so you’re going to just have to give it a shot if this Frankenstein of a game piques your interest.
So the gameplay might sound strange but even with the game’s incredibly limited direction you can still pretty much use just your intuition to figure out how to play the game. Simply put, you two objectives, don’t run into anything (including yourself) and collect three wagons of the same color to get points.
There are three levels of difficulty modes and tons of different ways you can actually control the train. I chose to simply tap which direction I wanted the train to travel in and I never had any weird problems with it. On easy mode you’ll have three wagons pop up along with a special power-up. Power-ups will do random things like clear specific colored carts from your train or randomize the colors of the wagons you still need to pick up. Ideally, you want to have as few wagons on your train as possible because the longer your train is, just like in Snake, the greater the chance is of running into yourself.
Eventually keys will pop up as a power-up. Picking one of these keys up will open up a gate for about 12 seconds. Going through the gate takes you through a new level. Unfortunately, there are only four levels for the first world available, but there will be more worlds coming soon.
Right now Brave Train is a fun time sink that doesn’t actually manage to hold up after playing for long periods of time. There are only four levels, which can be unlocked in about 10 minutes and the amount of coins you need to collect to unlock new trains is pretty steep. The game is fun but it might be best to wait for the full package.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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