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Geometry Dash World
Geometry Dash World
Geometry Dash World
Geometry Dash World
Geometry Dash World
Geometry Dash World
Geometry Dash World
Geometry Dash World
Geometry Dash World
Geometry Dash World

Review Geometry Dash World

Brandon Girod
Great tunes, simple mechanics that require skill to master, excellent level design
Long video ads, very few levels
When it comes to rhythm-based mobile games, well, these hands just aren’t what they used to be. Games like Geometry Dash World for Android just iterate the fact that despite being an actual musician, my timing is awful when I don’t actually have my instrument in my hand. This is an arcade rhythm game that will test how well you can keep a beat as you jump through and traverse dangerous levels and worlds.
Like most arcade games, the mechanics that surround this one are simple. Your square will move forward automatically at a set speed; all you have to do is tap the screen to jump (or don’t) in order to avoid obstacles and reach the end of each level. Jumping will let you avoid a lot of obstacles, but be careful of the ones above you, too. Lots of curve balls will be thrown your way that reward you just as much for not jumping as they do for jumping.
I enjoyed this dashing game, mostly because every level is handcrafted. That means that even losing meant I was gaining experience that would help me eventually surpass the level. The game’s biggest downfall are the lengthy video ads that will sometimes play right in the middle of the game, though after a death. Other shortcomings include the admittedly limited two worlds and handful of levels that occupy each. If you’re looking for a lengthy game, this isn’t the one.
But, if you’re like many others, Geometry Dash World is a great game to take with you on the go because it’s literally pocket-sized.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 9/10
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