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King Of Dirt
King Of Dirt
King Of Dirt
King Of Dirt
King Of Dirt
King Of Dirt
King Of Dirt
King Of Dirt

Review King Of Dirt

Brandon Girod
Great graphics, gameplay is fluid and fun, easy controls
In-app purchases are expensive, not enough content
Maybe it’s that I’m getting older, but I find it rare to have a genuine enthusiasm for new games anymore. King of Dirt for Android is a game that, after some initial inspection, made me reminiscent of the old Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games, but for BMX. Albeit a bit watered down, this is an arcade game that takes a lot of those elements from the former king and mobilizes them.
When you jump into the game, you’re given a brief tutorial on how the game’s mechanics work. Brief because the game is really simple but rewards you for experimenting. The game is broken down into small levels where your rider will automatically traverse the linear stage. Your turn to shine comes up when your rider launches into the air. From here you’ll use two joysticks to control what happens.
The left joystick will determine what type of trick you perform. The joystick follows the traditional 9 directions and each direction corresponds with a unique trick. Similarly, the right joystick will dictate which directions you spin, whether it’s forwards, sideways or even diagonally. Landing the tricks is pretty simple, but due to the sometimes odd camera angles, it can be difficult to parse exactly when you’re going to land.
The game fails the player on two levels, though. First: The amount of content available to the user for free is pretty abhorrent. I mean, it’s really bad. Unlocking a new level either costs money or premium currency, which feels super rare to get unless you get lucky with one of the lotto spins. The second is how much everything costs. A new level is a whopping $4 and they want to charge you $9.49 to unlock all the bikes in the game, which are purely aesthetic. Go take a look at Steam and see the quality of game you could purchase for less than $10 then come back and tell me the in-app purchases here are worth it.
King of Dirt started off really strong but really let me down in terms of depth. Levels have missions to hit, but they can all be done relatively easy, and unlocking new levels isn’t an easy (or cheap) process. Sadly, there just isn’t enough content here to warrant a look.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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