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Dancing Line
Dancing Line
Dancing Line
Dancing Line
Dancing Line
Dancing Line
Dancing Line

Review Dancing Line

Brandon Girod
Good graphics, simple mechanics that are hard to master
Gameplay is frustrating, uses a resource mechanics just to play
The world of mobile gaming certainly has no shortage of games that are willing to offer you a bit of quick entertainment for a very low barrier of entry. Good arcade games are a dime a dozen on the platform, so it makes you wonder why games like Dancing Line for Android come out how they have such good reviews on the Google Play Store.
Much like most arcade games, the mechanics involved in the gameplay are pretty simple here. You will control the direction of a line that is automatically drawn through handcrafted levels. You don’t always have the luxury of knowing what lies ahead of you, so successfully running a level relies on both trial and error and having good reaction.
This would be mostly fine if the game didn’t suffer from one hilariously bad flaw: It makes you consume resources for attempting a level. If you’re bad at the game and continuously fail, you’re already going to be frustrated with it, but imagine failing and having the game throw up a page asking you to pay real money for a finite resource in the game just to continue playing. If that sounds ludicrous, it’s because it is. What makes the developers think this is a good idea is beyond me because there is a plethora of games out there that are vying for your attention and respect your time way more.
Dancing Line crosses a dangerous line in free-to-play arcade games by actually asking you to throw in real money to continue playing or come back later after an arbitrary timer allows you to. Please, do yourself a favor and pick another game. I’m sure there are 30 others with the exact same mechanics out there that are better.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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