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Tap Titans 2
Tap Titans 2
Tap Titans 2
Tap Titans 2
Tap Titans 2
Tap Titans 2
Tap Titans 2
Tap Titans 2

Review Tap Titans 2

Brandon Girod
Good music, fun gameplay
Not iterative enough, gameplay becomes repetitive
In the original Tap Titans, I suck major hours of my life into the game. I was a tapping fiend and it was probably the longest running tap game I ever played on my phone. Coming over to Tap Titans 2 for Android was like picking up right where I left off, aside from having to start all over from scratch again.
If you haven’t played the first, this is a tapping game that definitely relies a lot on the tapping aspect. Tapping the screen causes your hero to attack the monster in front of it. Once the monster is defeated, you’ll earn coins that can be used to upgrade your hero so you can get through enemies quicker, and will eventually allow you to hire other heroes to passively deal damage and earn money so you can tap a lot less.
So what’s new in the sequel? Well, admittedly, not much. There are 120 brand new titans with 10 new realms. There is a new pet system that gives you passive abilities and that really seems to be about it. If you’re already invested in the first Tap Titans, it’s kind of hard to justify moving on because the sequel looks so similar. In fact, if I were to put this next to the original, I probably wouldn’t be able to immediately tell you which one was which.
For a game that I sunk a great many hours into, Tap Titans 2 isn’t enough of a departure from the first game to truly capture my attention and earn another place on my phone. Everything about this game just feels so similar that it’s hard to recommend it. But if this is your first entry into the series, it is the most full featured and by that metric, I’d more than recommend it.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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