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Magic Fluids
Magic Fluids
Magic Fluids
Magic Fluids
Magic Fluids
Magic Fluids
Magic Fluids

Review Magic Fluids

Sergei Blyudov
Magic Fluids - this is a very interesting entertainment application for Android, which allows us to build on the screen of a smartphone or tablet bright and colorful animation. You've probably seen what happens if one liquid to add another - in the first few seconds is an interesting effect. For example, if you add to the water paint, inside the water, it creates a smooth geometric shapes. It is about the same, but we choose the liquid and stir them with your fingers.
Most interesting is that the program has hundreds of different settings, and all can be edited, eventually creating a unique set of colors and effects. If you prefer, your favorite animation can be used as a live wallpaper.

The interface and the possibility of

Management of the program is very simple. When you first start in front of us opens a blank black screen, and if you start to drive over it with your fingers, it will appear standard effects of liquid. The program supports multi-touch, so you can drive more than one finger at once.
Settings can be accessed via the menu keys. They will open in a transparent form over the main screen. By changing the setting items you can immediately see how a version of the effect on the result. For the lazy there are 10 ready presets from the authors of the programs.
We, in turn, can change the thickness of the brush, add sparks, particles, color, smoothness, and more. You can even choose to display the quality and density of the liquid. By the way, if you choose the highest quality display, even the Samsung Galaxy S III starts very slowly and barely cope with a portrayal of the particles.
At any time you can stop the animation by clicking on the menu button and saving the image or clear the screen and start all over again. By the way, if you want, you can create a unique pattern, if you make a little speed and a fine brush.

Features Magic Fluids for Android:

  • Stunning effect liquid;
  • A huge number of settings;
  • Ready-made presets and the ability to create templates by hand;
  • Support for multitouch;
  • Select the quality and depth of detail;
  • The ability to stop the animation and make screenshots;
  • Creating animation and use it as a live wallpaper.
Summary. Magic Fluids - this is a great app for Android, where you can create beautiful pictures, live wallpapers and just enjoy the process. The program is also sure to enjoy the children. Distributed as a free version with locking settings and the full paid $ 1.

Final ratings

Usefulness 6/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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