Farm Heroes Super Saga Match 3
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Farm Heroes Super Saga Match 3
Farm Heroes Super Saga Match 3
Farm Heroes Super Saga Match 3
Farm Heroes Super Saga Match 3
Farm Heroes Super Saga Match 3
Farm Heroes Super Saga Match 3
Farm Heroes Super Saga Match 3
Farm Heroes Super Saga Match 3

Review Farm Heroes Super Saga Match 3

Brandon Girod
Great animations, kid friendly, lots of levels
Doesn't push the envelope, uses tired aesthetics and mechanics
If you’re familiar with match-three games then you’ll feel right at home with Farm Heroes Super Saga for Android. It’s a match-three game from the same people who brought you Candy Crush Saga. This time Rancid Racoon is up to no good and is ruining rural life by winning all of the country shows. Your job is to grow “Super Cropsies” so you can keep the playing field even.
Okay, okay, so the setup is a little odd. A racoon is cleaning the floor at country shows and he’s somehow a bad guy for that? We’ll let it slide since no one plays a match-three game for the story anyway. The game’s mechanics are here and they’re all what you’ve come to expect. Match three or more of the same colored crops to harvest them. The more crops you harvest at a single time, the better the power-up you get. In this case, it’s not so much a power-up as it is just harvesting a ton of crops.
The game features over 100 levels with new modes, new heroes and more. There are powerful boosters you can play with and the game feels challenging enough. Aesthetically, the game looks great. This has some of the best matching animations I’ve seen in a match three, but that’s you’d expect from the Candy Crush Saga makers. Unfortunately, the developers didn’t push the envelope in any meaningful ways… or at all. It pretty much feels like you’re playing a skinned version of Candy Crush Saga.
At this point, the market has reached a critical point in match-three saturation. There are so many coming out that they all look, feel and play identically. No one is doing anything new - not even the developers who helped pave the way for the genre to get so popular in the first place. Unfortunately, Farm Heros Super Saga does nothing new or interesting.

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Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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