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CSR RacingNaturalMotionGames Ltd
(879 316)
10 000 000 — 50 000 000
Release date: 03 Apr 2013 Updated: 27 Mar 2014 Version: 1.6.0 Size: 256 Mb


Quality and dynamic drag racing game
Reviewed by: Alexander Vorobyev
Awesome 3D graphics, simple and responsive controls, addictive gameplay, car upgrades
Aggressive in-app purchases, difficult to play without in-app purchases
CSR Racing is an amazingly beautiful drag racing simulator game for Android that will become your favorite addiction for at least several days. It’s a completely free game that lets you participate in proper drag races where the only thing you will need to do to win will be changing gears.
The game controls are really simple as everything will be done via the on-screen buttons: just tap the change gear button when you see the green light and use your nitro. Mind though that it will be really important to timely change gears for it will drastically affect your car speed. All missions in CSR Racing will be played strictly one on one.
You will earn money for every successfully completed race that you will be able to spend on car upgrades and purchasing new vehicles. However, you should mind that you will only be able to do ten races at once as your car will need to get repaired after that, which takes a pretty long time.
CSR Racing is a drag racing simulator game for Android with breathtaking 3D graphics and simple controls. And though this game is completely free, you will probably need to use in-app purchases for a convenient playing experience.


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ریدی باباReply
Nice game.Reply
Dark siders22 Mar 2014, 12:33 0
im irani thanks for this gameReply
this is my favorit hameReply
coca cola company 14 Oct 2013, 20:28 0
Warum kann dReply
snakeskinn06 Oct 2013, 04:06 0
Whered it go? I cant find it on my kindleReply
can I download this on my kindleReply
very nice gameReply
Not too badReply
i like itReply
I just simply wanna ask, is this android version, like is it official? and is it gonna work on HTC Evo 3D?Reply
how to down load games.here no optionReply
iam happy of playingReply
will it work on samsung galaxy y?Reply
All the games it the best, thankyou21 Jun 2013, 17:13 0
All the games it the best, thankyouReply
me 2 i want it 2 downloadReply
best of them allReply
Very shombolReply
great gameReply
very good game thanksReply
very good game thanks for your helpReply
very kososherReply
very goodReply
I want to download csr racingReply
I want to download csr racing pleaseReply
عايز احملهاReply
i want to download csr racing pleseReply
Very GoodReply