Angry Gran Toss
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Angry Gran Toss
Angry Gran Toss
Angry Gran Toss
Angry Gran Toss
Angry Gran Toss
Angry Gran Toss
Angry Gran Toss
Angry Gran Toss
Angry Gran Toss
Angry Gran Toss

Review Angry Gran Toss

Jay Feldman
Interesting graphics, simple controls
Inconvenient to play on a small screen, not interesting physics, bores you really quickly, not interesting to play without paying money
Angry Gran Toss for Android is a weird little game. Fling granny through the skies, shoot at her like target practice and make her smash through the city streets and slide to a crashing stop. Who hates their granny this much?
Angry Gran Toss is juvenile and ultimately pointless. Yes, there is such a thing as mindless fun, but this game is heavy on the mindless, and light on fun. Beating the crap outta granny just isn't my idea of a good time. Basically, there's a big'o canon; why? Just because there is; stop asking stupid questions, cuz this app only offers stupid answers. Place granny in the canon, aim, and fire. Once granny is airborne, you can blast her like skeet shooting. Granny bounces, crashes and slides to a disheveled stop. Try to beat your record and go farther each time, then try to sleep at night knowing your the prick who just beat the crap out of a grandmother for a good time. Sound like fun?
The controls are decent but nonsensical. The game is 'fun' for a couple rounds, but it soon becomes apparent that it's about virtually nothing. And what little this game does offer, doesn't stay interesting for very long. Naturally, the app has a whole bunch of crap your can spend money on, like different canons, and an array of ways to kick granny's arse. But none of it can help save this game or make it remotely worthwhile.
Angry Gran Toss aims to be irreverent and funny. I just found it to be greedy and pointless. Don't beat up your granny, kids; not even in a crappy game like this one.

Final ratings

Gameplay 5/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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