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Zeeek Run
Zeeek Run
Zeeek Run
Zeeek Run
Zeeek Run
Zeeek Run
Zeeek Run

Review Zeeek Run

Sergei Petrov
Zeeek Run - an exciting and dynamic game for Android in the genre Runner, in which we will play for a guitarist named Zeeek. The fact is that the world is almost completely captured the terrible threat in the form of numbness, which can be cured only by a noisy guitar music.
The game has a very nice 2D-graphics in high resolution and excellent visual effects. The only thing that's confusing, it's unusual scale game. If the tablet, everything looks normal, then on your phone all the elements seem small, but you get used to it quickly.


The first game will appeal to fans of rock and electronic guitar as the main instrument here. The game has a quality and memorable soundtrack, and it is also a strong point of the game.
As in all games of the genre of "Runner", the main character runs automatically. We, in turn, can make jumps. Jump can be both single and double (click twice on the button). In addition to the jump, we can also make a small leap forward with the help of his guitar. When you press the button in the lower right corner, the main character makes a powerful chord, and it is rapidly pushing forward.
The whole game is just based on a combination of jumps and guitar chords. Guitar chords are replaced constantly and always fit the music that is playing at the moment.
While running, we may also collect different colored notes. To get as many points as you can to collect more notes in a row, with each new note to give more than 100 points, and at one point notes change color. When the music comes to the colors yellow, activated super power, we begin to move faster and demolish everything in their path.

Features Zeeek Run for Android:

  • High-quality HD-graphics;
  • 5 unique worlds;
  • 36 levels;
  • Some characters;
  • Qualitative and memorable soundtrack;
  • Support for save games in the cloud and the subsequent synchronization with other devices;
  • The presence of a complex regime for harkdornyh players.
Summary. Zeeek Run - a quality Runner for Android with superb graphics and excellent musical idea. If you love a similar genre, as well as partial to rock, this game is sure you will enjoy. The game is available either as a free version with ads and paid for $ 1 with no advertising.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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